Silk is a shielded "interconnect" cable determined for quality distribution of the signal among interconnecting
audio network components. Silk's geometry defines the cable not being a direct one so it is possible to link
to the audio system with any limitation.

For practical and mainly esthetical point of view we recommend both cables of the pair (always notes of the
type's indication to the source of the signal- e.g. CD player).

Silk is made only from high quality components and materials. Silk conductors are made of OFC and pure
silver. Positive and negative conductor is made from lot of single smaller conductors about calibre AWG 24.
Like isolation among conductors is used combination PTFE/PE. Dielectric and isolation between conductors
is combination of PTFE and air.

The production of the cable Silk (from very beginning till the very end) is CABLE 4 YOU standardly and only
made by hand!

Silk is recommended into the high class of audio systems. All the Silk's positive characteristics brings to you
better musical experiences. Silk always made in pairs as a ready-made set of a length of c. 1,6 Ft and it is
delivered in a standard package.
CABLE4YOU Silk CABLE4YOU Silk CABLE4YOU Silk click on an image to see the enlarged version.