Whitesnake One

Whitesnake One is our top model among non-power cables. Its anufacture from design to final
finishing is handwork only which is actually usual by CABLE 4 YOU. Inside cabling is made in
sum from 560 (pair) separately isolated wires AWG 27. Wires are made from high pure top class
OFC copper.

Whitesnake One is designed as shielded and it is recommended to connect labeled end to the
source of signal. Directivity is defined by its shielding. Shielding is made from silvered copper
shielding web three times on each wire. The way of shielding as well as wire geometry is
designed especially for this type of signal cable. Cable dielectric and isolation are from high
quality PTFE (teflon).

Whitesnake One is interconnect cable, which for its neutrality is recommended to use first of all
in top class audio systems. Its positive features and high neutrality can appear only in this use.

Whitesnake One is delivered in pairs, fitted with WBT connectors (no sign) and packed in luxury
hand made cassette
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