Audio X-stream

Audio X-stream

Silver X-stream is a referential special shielded "loudspeaker" cable. It is defined for first-rate signal's
distribution among components of connected audio and a loudspeaker system. We recommend connection
of both cables from the pair always by the label of the type's notation to the loudspeaker system not only for
practical reasons, but also for the aesthetical ones.

Silver X-stream is made only from top quality materials and components. Silver X-stream conductors are
produced from H.C.A.G. (hybrid conductor material, consisting of layer of high clearness silver on very thick
OFHCC high purity base). Silver X-stream is using a special new high quality carbon A.S.D.W. (Antistartic
Surface Dumping Wrapper).

Silver X-stream geometry depends on a combination of many times braided H.C.A.G conductors and
"solid core" H.C.A.G. conductors of a calibre AWG 5 and AWG 14. Silver X-stream cable was manufactured
in hand with technology Airdiest™ (Air Dielectric Direct Signal Transmission).

Manufacturing C4Y Silver X-stream cable (from the project till the very end) is in common and exclusively
made by hand by CABLE4YOU.

Silver X-stream is for top referential characteristics (very high "neutrality", "transparency", "resolution" and
"3D imagery") recommnended into the top high-end audio systems. Silver X-stream is manufactured always
in couple, like ready-made set with lenght c. 8,2ft and always is supplied in luxury aluminous box.
CABLE4YOU Audio X-stream CABLE4YOU Audio X-stream CABLE4YOU Audio X-stream click on an image to see the enlarged version.